Post your thoughts and responses to our presentation and/or website. Thanks!


05/31/2011 09:01

Hey guys -
Congratulations on finally being done! I can only imagine how relieved you must feel, since you guys were the last ones and it must have been weighing on you. I am thrilled to say that you guys were all amazing! All of you brought something remarkable to the presentation, and made it very memorable. To top it all off, it was hysterical. I loved all of the interviews that you included (especially DIMO!) and I think it really added something to the presentation. It definitely helped the audience to connect with what was being said while also being very entertaining! You guys clearly did a lot of research with the brain and the way humor affects us. The humorous clips that you incorporated added a light heartedness to the seriousness of an experimental. I thought your slides and the background were cheerful and really reflected your topic! All of your personals clearly meant a lot to you, and it really showed. Melissa: your guitar playing and singing both sounded great! I loved how you were able to talk about your own experiences and connect them to your topic. Daniel: your monologue might have been my favorite part of the whole presentation! Your acting was phenomenal, and the emotion that you used while speaking your lines delivered a great performance. Mitchell: it was great to hear you play the piano! I have heard about your awesome skills, but now I can say that you truly are amazing! Ahmad singing (also amazingly) added some more humor to the piece. Way to finish the 2011 Experimentals off strong! Thanks for including my fortune cookie Melissa! I hope you guys are happy with your performance, and happy that it's over!

Gabby Pollack
05/31/2011 12:08

YOU GUYS DID AN AMAZING JOB! I know how hard you worked on this experimental working sometimes for 12 hours straight and it definetly paid off. All three of you did an amazing job of showing the audiance how humor is used in everyones life. Personally, I feel that if we didn't have humor, laughter, happiness, and optimism in our own lives we wouldn't be able to live. To be able to only feel negative feelings of pain and sadness would be horrible because sometimes things really are funny. Your website is awesome and bringss a very optimistic color and feel to the viewer.
As far as personals go, I found your three to be some of the most creative. Melissa, to know you is to know how obbessed you are with Taylor Swift. The way you tied her monolgue into your own words of how much we all LOVE 10p was a great was to make it personal to you. It is currently stuck in my head and you did a great job. Daniel, your monologue that you spoke was hilarious and made me laugh the entire time. Your an amazing actor and the way you connected the topic humor to you through acting was very personal once again and a great idea. Mitchell, you were so great on the piano and preformed with ease! Ahmad, you did awesome singingg! (sorry I wasn't with you) but this was great none the less. You all did amazing and I'm so proud of you guys! Congratz on an awesome experimental!

Mali Zaken
05/31/2011 12:34

From the moment I walked into your experimental, I KNEW it was going to be amazing! The cartoon playing in the background put a smile on everyone's face from the second they walked in. I LOVED your outfits. The "LOL" shirts were so creative and the funny glasses just added to the friendly and comedic atmosphere. The whole time I was wondering where Daniel was! It was so funny and cute to start out your experimental with a funny skit like that! One of the most creative aspects of your presentation was that instead of putting a wordy definition for humor, you used hilarious and familiar clips to get the audience laughing. I could tell just from that video that you all related very strongly to humor because you had such a diverse range of clips from youtube videos, tv shows, and movies. I was highly impressed with all the scientific information in your presentation about the brain and why laughter helps us. It was so intellectual! I was pretty much expecting your whole experimental to be funny videos but you guys really proved yourself by adding real and scientific information. You also had such cool information about all different kinds of humor and how it changed throughout the years. I loved how you used Charlie Chaplin and showed us how comedy changed from time to time. Melissa, your personal was SO creative and I know it meant a lot to you because of your love for guitar and of course Taylor Swift. You took a risk by putting yourself out there but I really liked it! Daniel, your monologue was of course hysterical and it was cool that you were able to share your passion for the stage with everyone in that room! Mitchell, your personal was so unique! I like how you showed us something that makes you happy while being funny and including an audience member (GOOD JOB AHMAD!) Your interviews were also very original. I loved that you actually got to talk to real life comedians (and my mom). I loved your conclusion that everyone needs humor and that it is a vital part of life. Many people often overlook humor and it was so cool that you all proved to us that something you love so much, humor, is important to everyone. The two videos at the end were SO FUNNY! Everyone definitely had that "I can't take experimentals anymore" moment and it was funny how you added it to your presentation! Overall, AMAZING job! You guys should be so proud of your original and unique experimental!

05/31/2011 13:15

Wow! You three had an amazing experimental! I loved how you three matched and how your shirts spelled L-O-L. Along with the glasses and the role play in the beginning of the presentation, it created a nice, funny mood. Your presentation had a lot of colors, and it was light-hearted, which is good for “humor”. You explained everything well in your presentation and really went in depth. I liked how you had the science and history behind humor and laughing. It was interesting to find that the most natural laughter occurs in basic conversations, like the one Melissa and Daniel performed. All three of you spoke clearly and confidently. You also had good movies to match what you were saying, and they fit in with the presentation well. The Joker was an interesting addition to your presentation; it was an interesting connection to humor. The evolution of comedy was another interesting aspect of your project. Comedy is something that will always remain with us, and it spans all ages. Your “I Love Lucy” excerpt and its corresponding excerpt from “Drake and Josh” was a funny section of your presentation. I liked your conclusions about humor, laughter, and happiness. Your personals were also very good. Melissa, your monologue was very funny. I didn’t know you played guitar; you sounded really good! Daniel, your performance was also funny and very interesting. Mitchell, you play the piano very well. It was so humorous how Ahmad sang the song! All three personals were clear, funny connections and were performed well. Your website is also very nice. It is clear that you three did a lot of research. You have a lot of good art and poetry connections, in particular. Your experimental was amazing!

05/31/2011 14:09

Anyone who didn't see your experimental missed out big time! It was fantastic! All of our experimental presentation included humor because it's one of the best ways to keep your audience engaged. You were able to take full advantage of that fact and keep the humor flowing throughout your whole presentation. It definitely made it one of the funnest presentations to watch. Something that you did very well was putting yourselves into the presentation. Often when people present, it feels very formal and even a little stiff. They aren't like their normal selves. You were all able to keep a calmer and more down to earth attitude. I think this also added to the audience's level of engagement. Not only did you put on a humorous experimental, you also included lots of information. The slides on the brain were really interesting and well done. I appreciated that you went into depth on each topic, often including interviews on it. Of course, the personals were all amazing! All of you gave live performances, which I'm sure is not easy to do. You all handled them extremely well and didn't look nervous at all! I'm sure your time on the Wheatley stage, Dan and Melissa, has helped you to get over your stage fright. Daniel, your personal was so good! It was funny, but in a satirical and ironic way. It was a good choice. Melissa, I loved your adaptation of Taylor Swift's song. It was a perfect fit for you! You had the whole 10p class laughing. Mitchell, your piano skills were awesome! It must have taken a lot of practice to get the song as good as it was. And with Ahmad's wonderful voice you can't go wrong:) This was one of my favorite presentations. Congratulations on a great job guys!

Morgan Littman
05/31/2011 16:17

YOU ARE ALL HYSTERICAL and of course should be so proud! I don't know where to begin but I am your number one fan. I don't think I've ever laughed louder, longer in my life! The Charlie Chaplin videos were some of my favorite as he obviously tied into your theme perfectly! Also, the I Love Lucy vs. Drake and Josh example was amazing! I don't know how you came up with that but I didn't know that Drake and Josh copied that show! Your technology was also really great and I liked how everything came on top of each other! I'm going to fast forward to your personals because I loved them so much.
Melissa: You personal was very much anticipated for me as I understand your passion for singing, acting, bringing laughter into other's lives, and of course, Taylor Swift. Your compilation of all the things you love into one short song sequence was perfect and utterly hysterical. Your an amazing singer and will be Taylor Swift one day! =)
Daniel: I cried. All kidding aside I laughed so loud that people started turning around staring at me! You were hysterical as usual and I did notice the tie into what I'm assuming was you character in the Good Doctor when you mentioned your hair falling out? If not, then that's super ironic. But your incorporation of your love for acting into your love for humor was perfectly done as well!
Mitchell: I did not know, coming into this year, how funny you actually are, nor did I know about your love for piano! I felt your connection to your love for piano and of course, I loved your song choice! You did perfect as Cee Lo! You were funny and very "personal" with the audience! You guys were absolutely amazing and should be so proud! I loved it, as you can tell! You were all very audible and presented greatly! It didn't take long for the audience to know it was going to be great with the skit in the beginning where Daniel "forgot about he experimental". Also, the skit between Melissa and Daniel where they laughed a typical conversation was so funny because I could totally relate and had probably done it before first period even started! You all certainly reached your conclusion with me for I realize how important laughter is in my life! Thanks! and CONGRATULATIONS!

Laura Siegel
05/31/2011 16:46

Daniel, Melissa, and Mitchell-
I don’t even know where to begin! The experimental was just hysterical. I’m guessing that is what you were aiming for with your topic being humor. I could not stop laughing yet I was learning at the same time. It was an odd conception considering usually we don’t laugh and have fun when learning in school. The topic of health really stood out to me when you explained the story of Norman Cousins and how he was healed by the power of laughter. A world without laughter is an unimaginable and undesirable world to live in. Laughter is an amazing coping mechanism but it can also be a terrible way to respond to bad news or pain. When hearing pain, some become uncomfortable and laugh. As you have said, this is forced laughter or involuntary. I think when dealing with hard situations such as death, the ability to laugh and enjoy life following this hard time in life is a gift. Luckily, most of us are because we are surrounded by friends, family, and comedians such as you three. All of your personals were spectacular and being a huge fan of SNL, Cee Lo Green, and Daniel’s acting skills and hilarious wit- I was able to enjoy an learn from an experimental. I could not tell you how happy and excited I was for this experimental. All three of you exceeded my expectations of this experimental and although a stressful process- you guys were able to take such a difficult topic and not only make us laugh but inform us about laughter. I can honestly say, I learned a tremendous amount about humor and it’s affect on happiness. I am so happy and glad I was able to attend your experimental because it was definitely funny but also AMAZING! Congratulations guys!

Chelsea D'Ambrosio
05/31/2011 21:14

ABSOLUTELY AMAZING! I have to admit I was skeptical at first, not about whether or not your presentation would be funny because you guys have me laughing on a regular basis, but how you were going to tie the topic into all the different disciplines of math, science, and history. You guys showed me all the different sides of humor that I had never considered. When one says humor you immediately think of laughter and jokes but there is so much more to it, such as your reference to the holocaust. I would have never thought about the fact that jokes and light hearted comments were used to distract people dealing with such hardships. In ways such as these, you tied your experimental into all the different subjects brilliantly.
I also loved how enriched your science section was. Between all the different diagrams of the brain and so forth, it was clear that you guys knew your stuff! In addition to this, I think you guys had a perfect balance between your media and your “actual factual” research. You guys had so many different movies and media to choose from given that there are so many funny movies out there but you didn’t let funny clips over power your well thought out research. Lastly in terms of your media, I really loved the connection between “I Love Lucy” and the modern episode of “Drake and Josh”. I had never thought about the many references made to older comedy as well as other shows and how often it shows up. I would have never picked up on it had you not introduced it to me!

There were so many creative parts of your presentation worth noting. I loved how Daniel began in the audience as if he didn’t know today was his experimental. Your jokes throughout the presentation were perfect in terms of how funny they were. By this I mean that there were plenty of jokes that were spread throughout, but it did not appear at all like you were making a joke out of your presentation which was perfect! All the decorations were fun including the banner that hung in the front of the room and added to the up beat atmosphere.
In terms of your personals, they fit you all so well. Melissa- your obsession with Taylor Swift is something I think everyone from here to Australia knows about, and I think its great you integrated her into your experimental given that she is such an influence on you (yes I did see you write her as your biggest influence on Jess, Celeste, and Madi’s poster). Your spin on her SNL monologue was a perfect combination of yourself and your idol! Mitchell- Your passion for playing the piano was quite clear and it made me wish I could play an instrument! Integrating Ahmad’s “wonderful” voice :) to make things funny was a creative idea. Daniel- your personal couldn’t have fit you any better! You are an amazing actor and the fact that you chose to act out a hilarious monologue about love was such a good idea! You preformed it beautifully with all the right emotion and expression. CONGRATULATIONS AGAIN! ALL YOUR HARD WORK PAID OFF!

Ahmad Khanzada
05/31/2011 22:08

Humor is one experimental topic which people have never dared to use. With a topic called humor, you three obviously knew your experimental had to be very funny. Well you guys surpassed the expectations and I must say that your presentation was the most comical experimental that I have ever seen. You guys had interesting videos and jokes mixed into your presentation and I am just so amazed. I am unsure how to respond because I am aware the level of compliments I desire to give can never be achieved in writing. I am such close friends with all three of you that you three have personally already heard everything I have had to say so let me just single out some aspects of your presentation and experimental which especially stood pout to me.

From the beginning of your experimental I knew how much I was going to laugh throughout the period long presentation. The start was so creative having Daniel sit in the audience and act as if he forgot today was his experimental date. Creative idea and beginning to a brilliant experimental.

Your decorations were fabulous. You guys had such wonderful ideas from the buttery smiley face cookies to the gummy worms. From the smiley face balloons to the funny pictures of your group. Your art and its descriptions were also a great touch. The art piece I enjoyed the most on the wall was Obama image by that unique named artist. This was a very comical piece of art to incorporate into your experimental.

Another great connection was your literature connects with the novel Watson’s Go to Birmingham-1963. I have recently read this book again for the fourth time and knowing that you guys were able to make this connection truly surprised me. You three were absolutely correct by saying that the family used humor to cope with the hard times which were occurring in reality. Great literature connection.

Humor obviously has many aspects to it so showing us how humor is used in a negative way by villains to help them withstand pain was cool to hear about. The Joker uses humor to help cope with the severe physical pain he must sometimes go through. Having that video of the joker was a nice touch and helped give the audience a better feeling of his evil laugh.

I loved your slide on optimism. From the cute Annie girl singing in the background to the image of the glasses seeing the scene more colorful than the naked eye, this entire side was planned out perfectly. This entire slide was put together excellently and the audience was emotionally touched by this slide. This slide was especially touching and I enjoyed hearing how humor can be built upon into optimism.

In my experimental I too mentioned how such a simple thing like laughter could be the best medicine. You guys also used this when you spoke about Norman Cousins and how he used laughter to help heal him and recover from a terrible and very serious illness. This slide really built on your point or line of inquiry mentioning how important humor is and how essential it is to live a healthy life.

Out of all the experimental I have very seen your group personals were arguably the best and most creative. Each of you attacked and interpreted humor differently and each of your personals was entertaining and awfully creative too.
Daniel you definitely showed the crowd what a great actor you are by performing that humorous monologue about love and relationships.
Melissa your song was so well written. I really do appreciate the hard work people put in when writing songs so let me just say your lyrics were so good. I could tell how much effort you put into creating the lyrics and it paid off because your experimental was just so funny. You played the guitar and simultaneous sang with such confidence. You had great emotions as you sang and this was just another excellent personal.
Mitch, where should I begin? You have such great musical abilities. Let me just take this time to mention what a creative idea it was to call on a random audience member to sing along as you played. The kid how you called on was so talented and handsome. He was quite amusing but was a bit mental too if you ask me. He basically broke the microphone and I think he missed his cue for the last chorus section. Still your adjustments were great and your piano abilities were clearly visible as you played along. The singer was funny though so good selecting him out of the large audience to sing with you on the stage was a good idea. Yeah but your piano abilities were clearly visible and your laughing as you played really promoted your topic. Terrific personal.

Your experimental was so successful and every aspect of it was exhilarating. Your entertainment level was immense from your constant videos and multimedia clips to your scientific images. You three also incorporated such a large amount of scientific information about humor, especially the neurological side of it. Your experimental was just phenomenal and your hard work paid off. Congratulations on such a c

Ahmad Khanzada
05/31/2011 22:08


Congratulations on such a comical and spectacular experimental.

Spectacular Experimental!
(The humor group is my third and final recipient. Enjoy my exclamation point because you guys deserve it.)

(if someone does not understand this joke, please refer to my response to the psych games experimental…)

Ally Perry
06/01/2011 12:44

Mitchell, Melissa, and Daniel:
After all that weight and pressure you must have had to carry on your shoulders by being the 2nd to last experimental, I can truly say you all showed no sign of nervousness or uncertainty--not that you had to! As everyone has already mentioned, your experimental was such a success: full of thorough and informative content, great musical/artistic/video enhancements, and overall HYSTERICAL! One of the most detailed aspects of your project that I loved so much was the pop-ups of large, great quality pictures or videos that almost seemed to pop out of nowhere, while all the while perfectly relative to what you were talking about. On a technologic and aesthetic level, this made your presentation so sophisticated and definitely added something different to one of the last experimentals! Your questions of intention were so interesting--I especially loved that you started off by asking about humor through the years. (I also love that for the adolescent picture, you included a funny-effected picture of the three of you! All of the funny video clips that you included dispersed throughout your presentation added so much, assured that the audience was never bored--not even for a second, and gave us all a laugh! Another part of your presentation that I loved were the decorations--from the smiley face balloons, to the unique (and different) artwork that we had not seen in other experimentals, and the colorful streamers hanging around the room created the light-hearted, joyous, and upbeat feeling that such a topic of Humor should and DID give us all!
Additionally, your "LOL" shirts, like many people have already mentioned, were such a creative way to incorporate yourselves into Humor straight from the beginning.
I also really enjoyed, and was very interested in, the neuro-science and psychology behind Humor and laughter. All of the very well-depicted diagrams of various parts of the brain and throat that are affected by laughter were such great ways to get your point across to the audience. Additionally, your pointing to the parts of the diagram that you were speaking about helped us all get a better understanding of the idea you got across.
Talking about laughter being the best medicine was a very clever way to incorporate something that so many of us hear in society as an almost cliché message into your presentation. We were all able to relate to that or suddenly spark an interest in something we probably haven't really thought about so thoroughly!
One of my absolute favorite parts of your experimental was definitely the comparison, one which was depicted/edited/displayed so perfectly, between I Love Lucy and the Drake and Josh episode. Sadly for me, I've seen both of those episodes at least twice and have never even realized that the two were related. Aside from learning/realizing something that now seems so obvious, especially because of the clarity in how you played the two intertwined, I also thought this was such an interesting way to tie in a comical modern-day nickelodeon tv show with a classical, well-known episode of an older show! While the humor in these episodes was quite straight-forward and definitely caused many laughs, what stood out to me the most was 1-the fact that you thought of making this clever and creative connection and intertwining it into humor by displaying it through the years, and 2-as I have already said, the way it was edited. I loved that the clip switched back and forth from I Love Lucy to Drake and Josh, by connecting the clearly similar parts to each other in a row, as well as the fact that the audience never even got a chance to get bored of watching--something new was always happening, and you definitely did not spend too much time stuck on either show. On a more general level, everything that you touched upon was either displayed or spoken about for just the right amount of time! You never rushed through anything before the audience had the time to digest it, and you never spent too long that you lost the audience's attention. This is something very tedious and challenging to master, and I truly feel that your presentation mastered many of the hardest parts of presentations. From the poise and clarity in each of your voices, to the confidence and strong sense of knowledge that was so clear when each of you spoke, to the efficiency and sophistication of your actual technological presentation! Each and every part of your experimental was so amazing, you all tackled your topic, Humor, in such creative and, of course, funny ways, and you should be so proud of the outcome!! Congrats!!!

Rebecca M.
06/01/2011 13:04

Melissa, Daniel, and Mitchell,

During this whole experimental experience I have been waiting patiently to see your experimental. I was curious yet exited to see what humor really is. When I first heard that humor was your word I knew automatically that it was the perfect word for all three of you as it suited you all well. As you began your experimental I was hopping for laughter, enjoyment, and those light bulb moments. As I watched your presentation unfold I was able to experience all of those things. From your hard core information or actual factual to your video clips to your personals I was able to see humor develop. I must take the time to first egnolage your amazing personals!
Melissa- Brilliant! I lived your monolog it was very Taylor Swift of you. You portrayed humor so effortlessly by your monologue and got the whole audience laughing and interested. I was stunned by your amazing abilities (although I already had sneak peaks of your amazing vocal abilities through the years) and to sum it all up, it put a huge smile on my face.
Daniel- Your acting abilities are marvelous. You choose a great piece to act out. Due to your amazing acting talent I felt like I was standing right next to you as you shared with me your current problems. You truly brought your acting to life.
Mitch- Well. What can I say… I seem at a lose for words. You really pulled all of the personals together as you all had a musical talent that you shared. Your talent for playing the piano was prevalent throughout your personal. I thought it was a very cute idea to get the audience’s interaction as you asked for an assistant to sing along as you played. This spontaneous addition to your personal showed how humor is portrayed all the time, regardless if we plan for it to happen. Have a regular random persona with unknown musical talent sing along showed how simple things in life can get us giggling.
I must also comment you on your decorations, snacks and conclusion. Your decorations represented humor in the most basic ways, Form the colorful circles hanging from the ceiling, to the art work, the streamers, the smiley faced balloons and the treats, it all made the room happy and playful. Even spelling out LOL on your shirts made your presentation special. I must also bring up your entertaining and well thought out conclusion. I loved how you ended with a video of you three blowing off stream after doing hours of experimental work. It just shows how in day to day life, wee need a brake, a time out to just get silly in order to refocus and concentrate. Congratulations on a fantastic and enjoyable experimental!

Chelsea Pincus
06/01/2011 13:46

Melissa, Daniel, and Mitchell--

Congrats on an amazing presentation!!! I can only imagine how difficult and nerve-wracking it was to be the very last presentation, seeing all of the others! First of all, I’d just like to mention that when I first went to your website, a smile immediately filled my face. I loved the slideshow of your humorous pictures! I also like the color scheme you chose to decorate your website. I thought it was so interesting how you connected humor to business! When I first heard of your topic, I thought it was so exciting and different, yet I was a little confused as to how you would connect your topic to multiple disciplinary areas. However, after seeing your wonderful presentation I was no longer confused! You guys did a great job of connecting humor to so many interesting aspects throughout our world. When we first walked into the room, the cartoon that was playing was a cute and funny way to start off your presentation and catch the attention of the audience. Your LOL shirts were so cute and creative as well! I hadn’t seen such a creative outfit until yours! The main aspect of your presentation that stood out from the crowd was the humor! You really allowed your true personalities to be revealed. Daniel and Melissa, I loved how you put on the skit for the audience in order to demonstrate for us really how much people laugh throughout their day to day activities. This was so interesting, and I absolutely loved the way in which you presented this information! Also, Daniel, I loved how you got the audience to participate by showing the immaturity of people all ages when everyone laughed at the word “poop.” Although this was silly, it allowed for you to really get your point across so well! All of the humor engaged your audience so much! The videos you included of people all around the school were great as well. I really loved how you went into depth with the scientific aspect of humor, speaking about the brain. I really learned a lot from this and I liked how you specifically pointed out each part. Your decorations around the room were great and very creative, full of color! The I Love Lucy episode being compared to the Drake and Josh episode was absolutely hysterical! These shows were both so perfect to compare to each other and it’s truly amazing how two shows can basically have the same exact story line even though they were filmed so many years apart. Whether it was back in I Love Lucy’s day or currently, the viewers still think these themes are so funny. I was so touched when you explained the situation with Norman Cousins, and how laughter had healed him. This truly amazed me! Your personals were great as well! Daniel, you were absolutely unbelievable! I wish so much that I could have your talent! Your monologue was wonderful and SO entertaining! You really had your whole audience focused on you. You were humorous and overall fantastic! Melissa, I loved how you incorporated your role model, Taylor Swift, into your personal. This definitely made it a lot more personal for you and for the audience to watch. Although this was definitely a risky performance, you sounded great and just like Taylor! Mitchell, who knew you could play the piano SO well!? You were amazing as well, and your personal definitely involved a great amount of entertainment as well! (shout out to Ahmad) I liked how you put on the costume while you played in order to add in a little more humor. All three of you truly did a fantastic job, and you should all be so proud of yourselves!

Tiffany Truong
06/01/2011 16:01

You guys might actually be the funniest people ever.... It was an amazing experimental! Your "LOL" shirts were such a cute idea! The decorations in your room were so bright that it made me happy, just like your smiley face cookies. The opening video you made was hilarious, and it was interesting to see what all the people in Wheatley believed the funniest moment in their life was. Your entire presentation was entertaining, and there wasn't a moment when I was bored, wishing for it to be over.

The video clips you put in were extremely entertaining, which really added to your presentation. The "I Love Lucy" episode in comparison with the "Drake and Josh" episode was hilarious. It really showed that though the times will always continue to change, there are some things that will always stay the same. Some things are perfect the way they are and will always work. Your video clip of it was extremely well edited, so kudos to whoever did that. On top of humor in the media never changing, Daniel, you mentioned that some words will just always be funny to us. As kids, we think the word "poop" is hilarious. Now, as teenagers, if we heard the word "poop" we would all probably laugh as well.

Melissa and Daniel, when you did your little mini monologue demonstrating one of the theories of humor, it really showed your point. All of your slides were short and to the point. I really feel like I learned a lot without even realizing it. I especially liked the part about humor therapy. Optimism and laughter are such strong and important parts of our lives, and if people knew that it could save them from their sicknesses, I think that people would take more time out of their day to try to be happier. There are so many benefits of laughter, optimism, and happiness, and more people need to be aware of it.

Melissa, your personal has been stuck in my head since yesterday. Your version of Taylor Swift's SNL monologue was hilarious. By adding 10P into it, all of us were able to laugh. Your monologue was extremely personal to you, because as we all know, you love Taylor Swift, the guitar, and singing. Daniel, your monologue was hilarious. Your an amazing actor! You played the role of that man very well. Mitchell, I can see how a fun song like that could make you so happy! Happiness is important to humor, because if you aren't happy, then nothing is going to be humorous. The addition of Ahmad made your personal even more enjoyable and funny.

Your entire presentation was hysterical, enjoyable, and informative. You guys should all be so proud! It was amazing!

P.S. Melissa, there were 13 comments before I posted. Sorry I ruined it. =)

Tiffany Truong
06/01/2011 16:10

PPS you are Taylor Swift. literally.

Jessica D'Angelo
06/01/2011 16:59

WOW. I didn't expect any less from you three. The day I heard you were going to do humor I knew it would be a success. I knew from your acting experience and just being around you all the time that your presentation would not only be informative, but hysterical. The decorations were perfect, light hearted and fun. I especially loved your shirts! The L-O-L was so creative and perfect for your theme. Melissa, I'm not gonna lie, if I closed my eyes I would think you were Taylor Swift. Your gift for songwriting and singing coupled with your humorous personality made way for an excellent personal.My favorite part about it was how you were able to change the words to Tay's monologue and relate it to 10P; and to top it all off in a humorous way! I really see Tay in you, Melissa. You are like her little mini-me!!! Daniel I see broadway in your future I'm not kidding. Your talent for acting can move a room full of people to pure hysteria and the emotion in your tone made me feel as if I was watching a real broadway show! I was laughing so hard. Mitchell, I loved how you started off your personal by saying you may not be the funniest guy in school. You obviously are extremely talented and have a good enough sense of humor to pull this experimental together and make it one of the best once I saw!
You really opened my eyes to how important humor is to our lives. I always heard that laughter is the best medicine, but you guys really explained it through talking about Norman Cousins. It is unbelievable that someone can recover with laughter! Your interviews also displayed the idea that humor can heal a person.

Sam Golden
06/01/2011 18:36

Hi guys, GREAT JOB!!
In addition to being amazing, your experimental was definitely HUMOROUS. It was probably the most fun one that we had this year! As soon as I heard that you guys were doing humor I knew it was going to be awesome because all three of you have great personalities and senses of humor! Compared to our topic, yours was defintitely a lot more bright and happy! This was also reflected in your room decorations. I loved the different colored letters at the front of the room that spelled out humor. The smiley face was a nice touch! Also, the glasses were hilarious.
While I knew it was going to be enjoyable, I wasn't totally sure what you guys were going to research because the topic is just so broad. I liked how you taught us about how and why people laugh, and the effects that laughter has. We take laughter for granted and don't realize how important it can be!

All three of your personals had me histerically laughing in my chair. Melissa, yours fit you perfectly. The way you changed the lyrics of Taylor Swift's monologue was really creative and I never knew you could play guitar that well! You also sang beautifully, i was very impressed! TSwift would be proud :)
Daniel- Your personal was amazing! I loved the monologue you picked because even though it was about a more serious matter, you were able to make it histerical. I espeicially liked the end when you complained about losing your hair. Very humorous.
Mitch- Awesome piano playing! Your idea to have Ahmad sing was really funny. The both of you are really talented (ok... maybe just you.. sorry Ahmad!) I could totally relate when you talked about how you come home from school and just sit down and play. It helps me get rid of some stress and makes me happy as well!

Overall, amazing job guys!! You should be really, really proud. CONGRATS!

Sam Golden
06/01/2011 18:37

PS - I agree with Tiffany. Melissa IS Taylor Swift.

Sam Golden
06/01/2011 18:39

PPS- Another agreement with Tiffany (she should really stop stealing my thoughts..) I LOVED THE LOL SHIRTS! Honestly the funniest most creative costume ever!

Celeste Roldan
06/01/2011 19:49

Mitch, Daniel, and Melissa-
You guys were amazing and hysterical! I went in preparing myself for a hysterical presentation, which I was right about. I could NOT stop laughing! You'd think that most people would come in thinking the whole thing was going to be jokes, which is false. The more serious actual factual information was still so interesting and kept my attention. Your experimental had not one dull moment, especially come time for the personals! Melissa, you're take on Taylor Swift's SNL monologue was hysterical and your voice sounded just like Taylor's! I loved how you were daring with the lyrics, putting your own 10p twist on them. You seemed a little nervous when you picked up your guitar, but right when you started playing, I saw your nerves instantly disappear and you did a fantastic job! Daniel, your monologue was HYSTERICAL and really reflected your personality! I hardly noticed you acting; it seemed like it came straight from your personality! You did amazing memorizing your lines. The amount of confidence you had during the whole thing was incredible!! And Mitch, you're such a great pianist! "Forget You" was a great song to sing, especially because of the funny costume you wore! Ahmad’s special appearance was great, very humorous. I like how you discussed the three stages of humor: child, adolescent, and adult. I find it funny how I laugh at all three types of humor. I didn’t realize that there were 3 distinct groups of humor. (By the way, I loved the wayho video!!!) I also thought it was so creative how daniel was sitting in the beginning and “forgot” that it was time to present. So humorous!:) I was laughing so much. You guys did an AMAZING job and I loved your shirts!! Great way to go out on the last day with your presentation!

Ian Lerman
06/02/2011 12:49

You all did a great job! As is expected with a topic about humor, your presentation was very funny but not too silly. Your “actual factual” material was very informative. You were able to teach us all some things which we did not already know, which is one of the main goals of this assignment. You were able to get your points across in a good balance between "work and play," in this case, it was humorous and meaningful.
I loved all of your personals, which both related to your personalities and to your topics. Mitch - you were able to do something that you enjoyed and related to making you happy, as humor does, while also making it absolutely hilarious! I think that Ahmad has made an appearance in almost every experimental and whenever he does, he is always making us laugh. Great song choice, too. Likewise, Melissa and Daniel also focused on combining their likes and humor to make amazing personals. Melissa - choosing to combine your love for Taylor Swift and your skill with guitar was a great idea for your personal. The rewording made it very funny. Daniel - your skit related to your love of theatre and humor. You were all hilarious and well rehearsed.

Taylor Kaminsky
06/02/2011 14:46

Mitchell, Melissa, and Daniel~
When I first heard your topic, my initial reaction was that it was a perfect choice for the three of you. You definitely proved me right! All of you are so funny on a normal basis, and I knew you would do fabulous research on the topic. As I began to think more about your experimental, I was a little unsure on how it would turn out because I didn't see how the topic humor would relate to math, science, and history. I should never have doubted you guys, because of course if anyone could do it, you could! You clearly connected your topic to required subjects as well as topics that were unique and miscellaneous. I loved how when you spoke about different parts of the brain, you had a picture pop up and pointed to that specific part. That really helped us viewers understand and learn what you were talking about. Also, I absolutely loved the part when you compared Drake and Josh to I Love Lucy. It is interesting how similar both humorous shows are. Another aspect that I loved was that for your definition of humor, you put together a clip of funny Youtube videos. This was unexpected and extremely creative. I have always heard that laughter can make you live longer but disregarded it because no one had a scientific explanation. However, you guys showed that this statement really is true because of what goes on in the brain when a person laughs. This just goes to show that humor is truly an important aspect of each of our lives and is definitely a necessity in order to live a happy life. Unlike most other personals that we've seen, you all provided your viewers with a unique chance to experience how you connect to humor by making a performance in person. You were very fortunate that you all have such wonderful talents and aren't shy to share them! Daniel- You were able to share with us a clear example of humor through your talent of acting. I knew before the experimental that you are a good actor from watching the school plays, and this performance reinforced how truly amazing you are. The section that you chose to perform was perfect because if I were just reading those words in a book, I probably wouldn't have understood the humor in it. You were able to use your acting skills to bring out the humor and I was clearly able to see it through your tone of voice, movement, and facial expressions. Your personal shows how humor is really what we make it out to be and in your instance, you were able to make a monologue extremely humorous. Mitchell- before your experimental, I was unaware that you played the piano. I liked your personal because I got to learn something about you and how you connect to humor. You were amazing on the piano and Ahmads singing just made it so much funnier. I like how you planned that. Melissa- as you know, I was literally having trouble breathing during your personal from laughing too hard. I think it is obvious to our entire class, if not the entire school, that you are obsessed with Taylor Swift! However, I never would have thought that this obsession and huge part of your life would be incorporated in your personal. You were able to include four things that you love: Taylor Swift, guitar, singing, and of course 10P English! It was seriously incredible and hilarious! Overall, I truly enjoyed reading your website and watching your presentation: both were fantastic!! Congratulations!

Jonathan F.
06/02/2011 15:06

Congratulations on finishing your experimental! When I walked, in I was greeted by a full audience and a Mickey Mouse cartoon short. You started right off with some laughter, and this was truly a funny experimental. Your presentation a good flow to it, and excellently blended actual factual with humanities and well-placed personals. Upon looking at your website, I saw much more actual factual that what I saw at the presentation. Your presentation was the tip of an iceberg. The humanities connections were funny and enjoyable. Melissa, I was looking forward to hearing your Experimental Monologue, which was hilarious. However, Mitchell and Ahmad provided lots of laughs during his personal. Daniel, Tal helped you choose a monologue that had just the right amount of seriousness and humor. You put a lot of effort into this in the home stretch, as shown in your very funny video taken after working for 9 hours. You guys did amazing, and helped close out the experimental season on a high note.

Lambert Chu
06/02/2011 18:27

I entered room 450 on the day of your experimental expecting many good laughs, and I sure wasn't disappointed! I was amazed at how you guys could make your presentation so funny, yet still incorporate so much of your research. The presentation started off humorously immediately, once I noticed that your shirts spelled out "LOL." I began wondering where the heck Daniel was, but I soon learned that he "forgot" about his experimental! All of your videos played very smoothly and efficiently on your powerpoint, and they had everyone cracking up in the audience. I was especially interested in learning about the science behind how people laugh, as well as the two main types of laughter.

Melissa, I really enjoyed watching you combine three of your favorite things, Taylor Swift, acting, and guitar-playing, into an awesome monologue. It takes a lot of talent to sing and play a guitar, while also making everyone laugh! Daniel, your monologue was absolutlely hysterical! Your acting was really dead-on, and you had everyone cracking up at all of the silly lines. Mitchell, it was great seeing you perform the piano so well, just like old times. Your collaboration with Ahmad was one of the craziest and most entertaining highlights out of all the experimentals!

Congratulations on such a HUMORous and informative experimental!

Matt Black
06/02/2011 19:41

Congratulations on a truly memorable experimental. Where others remained boring for the most part, comedy and humor was integrated into your entire presentation. Starting off with the classic Mickey Mouse cartoon was a great way to get the audience and yourselves in the mood. Your topic related to many more things than I first expected. I liked how you went into the science and neurology behind laughter and the section on laughter as a medicine. The story of the diplomat who ordered laughter as a medication for himself was really interesting. You guys used many clips from different movies, T.V. shows, etc. to show that comedy is everywhere.
Daniel - I thought your personal was the funniest out of the three as you put the most emotion into it. Your talent as an actor really shined as you performed the monologue.
Melissa - I liked how you expanded on Taylor Swift's song and made it your own. Not only was it funny, but the lyrics related it to 10p and your experimental.
Mitch - Great piano playing. I don't find much humor in poor singing performances, however, and it just ended being a poor performance to me. I can see where you were coming from, though, and I liked the idea.

Gary K
06/02/2011 20:22

It was only fitting that your experimental was the funniest one out of all of them. All three of you added some humor to your experimental through your personals. Mitchell, I never knew you were a good piano player. Hearing Ahmad sing was hilarious. Melissa, your song's lyrics were funny and actually pretty catchy. Daniel, I knew you were a good actor and you were really funny during your personal. It was amazing how you guys tied your word to so many other subjects. I knew laughter was used to relieve stress, but I never thought be considered to be medicine. The videos you guys used were all really funny. I liked how you made it clear that some humorous things stay funny over time with the I love Lucy and Drake and Josh episodes. I remember growing up with Drake and Josh and even though I had watched that episode before, I still laughed at it during your experimental. Your experimental was seriously the funniest one I saw and I have to admit that I'm a little jealous. Good job guys!

06/02/2011 21:12

Wow. I can’t even sum up how I felt about this experimental in words. I absolutely loved it. From the beginning, I loved your theme!- which by the way fit you guys perfect. I felt like it was made for you guys! There was something different about your experimental even the website that made it so unique. The way everything was so bright and nicely put made the experimental so enjoyable. Even throughout the presentation the room was bright and fun- which made the presentation so enjoyable and light! Loved it. I really cant talk enough about your whole project. From the second I walked in the room, I was struck with HUMOR. From the shirts to the glasses to the way you guys even began! I absolutely loved the clip of Mickey Mouse playing when we walked in. It made me smile and began to get so excited. I even really loved the whole part when Daniel faked he didn’t know it was experimental day! So funny- you guys pulled that off so well. My favorite part of your project that made it so unique was “your definition” of humor. Loved all those clips- it was put together so well! Could not stop laughing!( which makes sense… cause its humor but yeah.) I really loved how you connected present humor to humor is history too! With the I Love Lucy episode and the Drake and Josh! So perfect! My especially favorite part of your presentation was about the real laugh vs. the fake laugh. I loved the little skit you guys put on about laughing for really no reason too! All the little things that you added made the presentation come together so perfect. Even the hilarious pictures you guys took of yourselves were enjoyable! Couldn't say enough about this presentation.
Melissa- absolutely amazing. Loved how you connected it to your love absolute love for Taylor Swift! But really how did you come up with those lyrics?! They were hilarious and still perfectly fit right into the rhythm. So impressed! It was really amazing to hear you sing with your guitar live too. Just made it that much better
Daniel- What can I say. I absolutely loved it. The way you change your tone of voice, used your arms/legs/hands and even eyes amazes me. The way you can portray such a amazing feeling so well simply stuns me. Your monologue was 1-hilarious, 2- you were absolutely perfect, 3- how did you memorize all of that?! So impressed, and so amazing.
Mitchell- you did great!! I loved how you began with admiting how your not the most humorous kid in school but you do have a love for playing piano. You were great and I really enjoyed listening to a more recent song! Btw- huge props for Ahmad- I admire you so much to have the guts to do those type of things.

I have to say I wondered how you would do a lot of your actual factual for this presentation just because of the word and how they're could be science and math behind humor! Who knew? But really you guys showed me. Because you guys did absolutely amazing with your information! You kept it informative but and the same time enjoyable. Overall you guys did so amazing. I can’t say enough. So proud of you guys and I really just loved every aspect of this project!

Yuval Hananya
06/02/2011 21:17

What a funny topic, what a funny group, what a funny presentation. Overall, humor was humorous - Check Plus on that. You guys all did amazing and pulled this experimental together and in a great way.

Presentation - I have never seen so many clips! It was amazing, funny, and important to get your point across and boy you did. Everything about humor is so interesting - the psychology, the history, the theories - who knew there could be SO much. You guys seriously taught me alot throughout the entire 45 minutes. All of you spoke loudly and clearly, nothing less expected from kids like you who are oh so humorous.

I would have to say my favorite aspect was the history of humor with the satire in the Ancient societies because i love humor and i did not know much about the satire until you taught me about it.

Personals - I really think you guys all did a great job tying them in and am so proud of all of you.

Daniel- Your skit was hilarious and really allowed you to do your favorite thing - acting. You acted wonderfully, just as you always do, and your skit really portrayed how humorous you usually are.

Melissa - Your song was classic and yet again allowed you to do something you love to do - sing. I loved the lyrics, and I love how you tied a few things in at once - singing, Taylor Swift, and guitar playing, it really was amazing. Great job!

Mitchell - You really are amazing at piano and i am glad that you chose to do that. The song you chose was a funny one, and it related to the humor of the situation Cee Lo Green was in - and you played the piano perfectly.

Overall you guys were amazing and were definitely a worthwhile experimental. Congratulations!

Jamie karol
06/03/2011 07:13

To start off, let me say that your experimental was definitely one that everyone should have witnessed! It was absolutely impecable and I left the room in complete awe when reflecting your presentation. I think humor was the perfect fit for the three of you, and you could not have put together a more enthusiastic presentation. When entering, and witnessing your creative outfit, I was completely amazed. Your outfits, along with the crazy sunglasses, had already started you off on the right foot. When you proceeded to show all the videoes, that represented humor to our peers, it perfectly reflected how humor plays a role in every part of our lives. One thing that made your project stand out amongst the rest, was that you really made it your own. Doing so, you included your own humor to make jokes that had the audience laughing at every point in your presentation. My favorite part was the collection of all the youtube videoes that really had me laughing. I also loved how you connected humor to health, and how laughing can really benefit our lives physically and mentally. I know that laughing is something that has always cheered me up and put me at a better disposition in life, which you further prooved. I loved all of your personals as well. Daniel, you are extremely talented and creative and your monologue was quite impressive to everyone that was lucky enough to witness it. Your ability to create different voices, and attidues, while acting really showed your talent and had the entire audience entertained. Congrats!! Melissa, I am so jealous of how talented you are both singing, and on the guitar. I think numerous people have told you how much you resemble Taylor Swift, and you continued to represent that in your presentation. Her SNL show was one of my favorites, and I love how you included that in your presentation. Your monologue was creative and funny, and also displayed your ability to both sing and play the guitar, something I wish I could do. Mitchell, I loved how you played Celo's song! It was so funny how you put that scarf on as well as the glasses, which represented him at the Oscars. I also loved how you included a slight change to the lyrics, which Ahmad sang, as you played the piano incredibly! Every field of exploration had me completely captivated throughout your experimental, and there is no doubt that you three lost anyones attention! CONGRATS IT WAS AMAZING!!!!

Matt Rothstein
06/13/2011 20:34

Wow great job guys it was amazing! I was laughing for almost the entire forty minute presentation. Playing a cartoon as people walked in was a very clever idea, and right away I knew your experimental was going to be very entertaining. I also loved your decoration and your LOL shirts. If I had not known what your topic was coming into the presentation, I would have figured it out right away. (not just because the word HUMOR was on the wall). I was extremely impressed that you guys were able to connect humor to so many topics, providing the audience with a lot of information and not only a very funny presentation. You also had many great connections to songs, books, and movies like the Joker in Batman. All three of your personals were great. Melissa, you did an amazing job transforming Taylor Swift’s work into something of your own. You were able to make the song extremely funny and entertaining. Daniel, obviously your acting skills are amazing. You are in all of the plays and usually are an important role. You truly demonstrated your passion for acting as well as your great sense of humor. Your monologue was one of the funniest parts of your presentation. I have to say the funniest and my favorite part was Mitchell’s personal. Mitchell, great job on the piano, you played that song perfectly. You also made the great choice of picking Ahmad to sing who had the best voice in the audience. Overall, you guys had the funniest experimental of all time and one of the best this year!

** I typed all of these responses of Microsoft Word and then posted them on each website. I guess I forgot to post yours... sorry! ***

07/15/2012 12:52

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